LIMS System

LIMS software is the modern approach to operationalizing laboratory activities. LIMS systems are used to effectively manage samples and their associated data in the lab environment. It allows for the automation of lab services and workflows, integration of software and instruments available, management of samples, and production of results through data tracking.

LIMS solutions have provided advanced technology into lab environments and increased functionality beyond the original purpose of managing samples. Data management and analysis tasks together with data tracking have reduced the need for the electronic lab notebook which is now integrated into the LIMS system.

Components of LIMS Software

The LIMS systems contain key features that aid in the daily routines of lab operations from a digital transformation standpoint.

Protocol Executions

The following procedures are critical in the lab. This leads to results that can be traced back to each method that was employed in achieving the product. LIMS Software ensures protocols and procedures are followed to the letter and those workflow standards are completely adhered to.

This ensures no individual can perform or skip certain levels or tasks to achieve desired results while keeping up with compliance requirements.

Sample Tracking

All new and existing samples in the lab are registered and all transactions that they are associated with are followed and recorded. From the time the sample was brought into the lab to the time it leaves the lab, each process it has undergone and the personnel that it has interacted with are recorded in the LIMS. This ensures data integrity and also provides a management system for all the samples in the lab.

Storage records

Inside the laboratory, many samples are stored and many are introduced each day. Keeping track of which samples are stored where and how much remains is a tedious task. Tracking that data with paper methods can most likely lead to the loss of samples or the misplacement of records.

The LIMS solution has revolutionized the tracking of stored samples down to the tubes and vials which are recorded with every transaction they undergo.


LIMS software provides much more than tracking samples. Other than this primary purpose it offers countless benefits to the lab environment.

Workflow Automation

Following tasks and procedures can be very tiring. Remembering the tasks for different samples each time and repeating them can lead to errors that build up over time. Errors can lead to poor or unwanted results while skipping certain steps can also distort the results.

Automating certain processes in the workflow reduces such errors. The software also provides steps to be followed and reduces memorizing a lot of content that is unnecessary.

Centralized Access

All information about samples, their storage, and ongoing processes can be found in a single system. This provides a simple way to prioritize certain data or the use of certain instruments with proper workflow management procedures. A central location for all information also means that redundancy is reduced and procedures can be tracked effectively.

Instrument Monitoring

With countless instruments performing different tasks, keeping track of them can be very tiring. Scheduling their use and maintenance has now been simplified. The results can also be readily available after use with all instruments being linked to LIMS systems.

Monitoring of the apparatus can also be done from a central location and users tracked for more effective record-keeping and quality control.

Data Tracking Software

The main purpose of LIMS Software is to provide the most effective service for laboratory services. Tracking of data from samples and effective storage had been long overdue with the use of traditional filing systems. With LIMS software, any lab can have its system designed around the specific tasks it undertakes.

Support and Compliance

Ensure the data and results in the lab are correct which requires the use of equipment and systems that meet the required data analysis standards of the market. Sapio Sciences has been the leading provider of high-quality LIMS and electronic laboratory notebook software. Their operational efficiency and knowledge provide effective support for the launch and effective use of LIMS solutions for lab use